Interview mit libredirecto

Juli 2000 by Libredirecto we thank 'hala' for translation

Have you left Barcelona the way you wanted to?

-No, I would have liked for things to be different. Above everything for the supporters and the friends I've left in Barcelona. But the circumstances have made my exit faster.

-Who is to blame for you leaving?

-Above anyone the Barcelona administratives. They have made things very easy for me to take the decision to come to Real Madrid. I am here because I am a man who keeps his word.

-This is a serious thing

-I am concious of this being a complicated and difficult decision because it's a big change to leave a big club like Barcelona to join its biggest enemy. But I have taken under consideration various things and have acted respectively. Above anything, I have to think about myself.

-What are you aiming in Real Madrid?

-I am coming to work in order to dignify the name of the club along with mine. I am going to fight to win the maximum possible number of titles with my new club.

-And at a personal level?

-I hope to be as happy here as I have been during my years with Barcelona.

-Do you feel sorry about anybody?

-Above anyone, I feel sorry for the Barcelona supporters and for the friends I've left in Cataluna, but not about the Barcelona administratives.

-What will happen when you'll be back in Camp Nou?

-Things will not be easy because of the exising rivality. I know what will be expecting me when I go back to Barcelona wearing Real Madrid's jersey.

-They accuse you of greed.

-I have my consience clear because I had cleared things up to the people I had to do so.

-But you've made some statements saying that you'd be playing in Barcelona this year.

-In this sense I have to apologize to the press. Above anyone to Toni Frieros and Sport, but they have to understand that I am a professional and in the moments I had talked to them I could not reveal my future.